Sell My Car (a classic one) Online – is it possible? 

Sell My Car (a classic one) Online - is it possible?

Although classic cars have always been popular, especially with collectors and enthusiasts, in the recent years they have gained further momentum. More people are interested in owning classic vehicles, so now is certainly the right time to sell if you happen to own one. Since classic cars are quite different to modern vehicles, different rules […]

How to Get a Car Valuation? 

Car Valuation

Used car valuation – How much is my car worth? If you have found yourself in possession of an unwanted car, you need to think about car valuation and sell it for right money. It’s important not to rush the process however, as taking it slow will guarantee much better results. There’s no point in […]

Volkswagen EV Sports Car images revealed 

Volkswagen EV Sports Car

Design Images of Volkswagen EV Sports Car Revealed The design images of the highly anticipated upcoming Volkswagen EV sports car have finally been revealed. At last we get a glimpse at Volkswagen’s upcoming vehicle. The brand has been preparing for the car’s production for a while now; however, until today we weren’t sure what to […]

Tesla Autopilot Updates on the way 

Tesla Autopilot

The brand new Tesla Autopilot 2.0 update is ready to be launched as Tesla’s first fully autonomous self-driving system. A wave of new software updates is on the way to the Tesla cars in the coming weeks. Elon Musk, the company’s boss, has written on twitter that: “Major improvements to Autopilot coming with V8.0 and […]

Choosing the right electric car for you 

With more electric cars currently on our roads than ever before, the time has never been more perfect to invest in a car with an alternative powertrain. The days of high emissions are nearly over. With the rise of electric cars a new era is upon us, taking hold as time progresses. If you are […]

Electric Cars Differences – Audi and Porsche 

Porsche mission e - Electric Cars

Audi and Porsche Electric Cars Differences Almost every major car company these days is looking to get started in the business of electric cars. Many see it as the future or as great innovation. Even partner companies are working against each other to try to achieve their electric car goals as everyone is looking to […]

2018 BMW 3 Series all-electric 

BMW 3 Series

2018 BMW 3 Series electric version announced It has just been announced that an all-electric version of the BMW 3 Series will be available in 2018. Tesla may have a new rival on the horizon, in the form of the 2018 BMW 3 Series, as it has just been announced that an all-electric version of […]

Venturi Fétish: A look back at the world’s first electrics sports car 

Venturi Fétish

Venturi Fétish – First Electrics Sports Car Venturi Fétish: As you know, electric cars have been around for over 100 years; however it wasn’t until recently that they truly took off. Currently, there are more EVs available on the market than ever before, allowing people to choose from a variety of models and body styles. […]

Volkswagen aims to become electric car leader 

There’s no denying the fact that, all eyes are currently on Volkswagen. Ever since, the “Dieselgate” scandal first emerged, the brand has been under constant scrutiny of the press. Today, Volkswagen has revealed its plans for the future – an all-electric future. According to the brand, it is planning to launch a staggering 30 new […]

The future of electric cars 

There’s no denying that electric cars are slowly taking over the automotive world. Although, they have been around for over 100 years, it wasn’t until recently, that they have finally reached the level of success one can call high. Many questions surrounding the future of the electric car market are currently being asked. Can it […]