The Brand New Tesla Model 3 Review

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 Introduction

The New Tesla Model 3, many people believe that this could be the game-changing electric car. Tesla believes this car is going to make a significant change in the Car industry. We can see why Tesla thinks this because they are beginning to make electric cars more reliable and be able to travel more miles. This also does make the car more appealing, and we can see that by the pre-orders that Tesla has received which is 500,000 globally. That is a lot of electric vehicles. The range of the standard Tesla Model 3 is 220 miles. However, you can order a more extended range battery which can reach 310 miles. Tesla is providing a well-equipped car for an affordable price, so this is going to increase there market a lot.

The Model 3 Design and Features

The Tesla Model 3 design is favourable, and we can also see the similarity’s from the other Tesla models such as the Model S and X. These both have the curvy body’s which allows the car to take advantage of cooling holes at the front. The Tesla has a keyless system, and The Model 3 is one of the only cars internationally. This system allows you to use your phone’s Bluetooth or a key which is similar to a credit card but is called RFID key. Inside the Tesla, there is the standard 15-inch colour touchscreen which is in the centre. This allows the driver to control everything. The interior is especially elegant with refined wood across the dashboard.The Tesla has two door pockets in the side along with a glove box of reasonable size.

The Tesla is reasonably roomy, there is a good amount of legroom in the back seats but is slightly smaller than the Model S and X. All mirror positioning and climate, air vents and cargo controls can all be done on the touchscreen in the centre. The passengers in the back also get their air vents and two USB ports, which can be used for phone charging.The battery and engineering equipment are all in the rear of the car. So where all your space for luggage? Well, the place for your boot is now in the front and has reasonably a good amount of room. The theme of minimalism travels throughout this car, and the door handles are switched for buttons which are mounted on.

Whats Powers The Tesla? Is It Fast?

The Model 3, the electric driving experience remains along with a cheaper price tag. The model 3 uses rear-wheel drive only, but there have been no reports of problems with the traction. Put your foot down in the Tesla, and you will get slammed back into your seat. 0-60 in the Tesla is 5.6 seconds and 5.1 seconds this depends on your battery. The steering of the car feels great, and this can be adjusted through three levels. All three of the levels provide good feedback on the wheel, so the Tesla is easy to drive.

The ride is also good, in either standard, comfort or sport, even despite the Tesla having air suspension. The speedometer and the trip functions worked well in the centre of the screen. In the top left corner of the 15-inch display, the speed and autopilot functions are displayed, but it remains still while driving.


Overall, the Tesla Model 3 is a well made affordable car. This very well could have an impact on the car industry making electric cars a lot more popular. The Tesla now has a more extensive range so should be able to go further unlike older models where it could only travel small distances. Tesla has already sold 500,000 Model 3’s already. The car design is very sleek and minimalist so should be able to able to mass produce and get out to the customers. The design is also beneficial for the battery and keeping the car cool. The 15-inch display inside the cabin makes the car feel futuristic. There is enough room in the car for passengers to have good leg room and also good boot space which is in the front. This is a good show of what is to come inTesla Model 3 the future with cars.

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