BYD e6 – all-electric compact crossover

Although electric cars are very popular at the moment and many big manufacturers are producing their own plug-in cars, there are a number of electric vehicles on the market at the moment from lesser-known brands.

The car that we are going to look at today is the all-electric compact crossover, the BYD e6. Launched in 2009, the Chinese plug-in car didn’t become available to the general public until 2011.

The e6 is currently used in countries such as Columbia, Belgium and the UK as a taxi.

Having made its debut at the 2009 North American International Auto Show, the e6 was scheduled to go on sale in America, however due to the lack of a charging infrastructure, the release of the vehicle was delayed.

The e6 is powered by BYD’s very own “Fe” lithium iron phosphate battery that’s unique because all of the materials and chemicals used to build it can be recycled. Reportedly it can be fully charged using a fast charging station in 40 minutes.

In 2012, the e6 made headlines after one used as a taxi caught on fire following a collision, killing all occupants of the vehicle. An investigation was launched that determined, the vehicle had no design or safety flaws and that the passengers were all killed at impact, meaning the fire had nothing to do with it.

Due to the fact that the car is quite large, it’s being marketed as a family-oriented crossover vehicle. It’s rather spacious, which makes it slightly more appealing as family cars and SUV’s are in high demand at the moment.

Although the e6 was originally scheduled to go on sale in the UK, a deal couldn’t be reached between BYD a UK company therefore it never entered production over here. 20 units have made their way to the UK in 2014, all of which are currently used as taxis in London.

When it comes to electric cars, the e6 isn’t revolutionary or too innovative, however it’s a solid vehicle that uses electricity to its advantage. With electric vehicles growing in popularity, we can definitely expect more, lesser-known, brands to be bringing out their own electric cars in the near future.

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Are you a fan of the e6? Let us know, and if you have any suggestions or ideas about the vehicles we should take a look at next, feel free to drop us a line.

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