Tesla reports record quarterly loss. 

Tesla model 3

Tesla’s problems are bigger and bigger. 671 million dollars recorded a net loss of Tesla in the third quarter of 2017. During the nine months of this year, the American manufacturer of electric cars has already lost around $ 1.5 billion. It’s almost three times more than in the same period in 2016. To reduce […]

The Brand New Tesla Model 3 Review 

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 Introduction The New Tesla Model 3, many people believe that this could be the game-changing electric car. Tesla believes this car is going to make a significant change in the Car industry. We can see why Tesla thinks this because they are beginning to make electric cars more reliable and be […]

Tesla Autopilot Updates on the way 

Tesla Autopilot

The brand new Tesla Autopilot 2.0 update is ready to be launched as Tesla’s first fully autonomous self-driving system. A wave of new software updates is on the way to the Tesla cars in the coming weeks. Elon Musk, the company’s boss, has written on twitter that: “Major improvements to Autopilot coming with V8.0 and […]

Tesla rumoured to be developing more affordable EV than Model 3 

The Model 3 hasn’t even entered production yet, however Tesla is believed to already be planning an even more affordable electric car. There’s no denying that the success of the Model 3 took everyone by surprise. Since the vehicle was revealed last month, around 400,000 orders have already been placed, with each person paying a […]

Tesla Model 3: Pre-orders reach 325,000 in first week 

The highly-anticipated Tesla Model 3 has only been unveiled a little over a week ago and already it is surpassing expectations and breaking records. According to Tesla, 325,000 pre-orders have been made in the first week of the cars release alone. If the numbers are correct, we could be looking at one of the biggest […]

Tesla Model S in a zero emissions GT racing 

Tesla Model S

An all-new zero emissions GT racing series is scheduled to take place in 2017 and it just has been announced that the critically-acclaimed Tesla Model S will be making an appearance. The Electric GT Word Series will consist of 20 drivers in 10 teams of two, battling against each other in a series of races […]

Tesla Model 3 

tesla model 3

Tesla is undeniably the most popular electric vehicle manufacturer on the planet. Having produced a great number of vehicles, it has introduced concept cars to thousands of people who previously didn’t think electric cars were for them. By constantly introducing innovative ideas, the brand has transformed the way we look at concept cars and it […]

Tesla Model S 

Ever since Tesla Motors was founded back in 2003, the brand produced and manufactured a number of fantastic electric vehicles, for which it became known for. Although it specialises in manufacturing electric cars, it also produces powertrain components and battery products. Although electric vehicles have been around for a very long time with many being […]