DS reveals E-Tense concept ahead of Geneva debut


A variety of new electric vehicles are scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The line-up so far is looking very promising and although the event is almost upon us, new vehicles are still getting announced.

Today, a new electric concept was revealed ahead of its Geneva debut and we’re very excited. The all-electric DS E-Tense will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show where we will get to experience it in all its glory.

Although DS is quite a new brand, having only been founded in 2009 by Citroen and becoming a standalone brand in 2014, it is already making a name for itself and growing along the way.

The E-Tense s a two-seat GT that’s both sporty and powerful. It looks quite unique and aggressive, which works well with the concept. It’s a high-performance vehicle and its styling definitely reflects that. Instead of taking the safe route, the brand took a bit of a risk and created a fascinating aesthetic that hopefully will make it onto the brands future vehicles.

It has an overall range of 193 miles as well as 381lb of torque and 402bhp. The E-Tense is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which seems to be the trend at the moment as seen on a variety new electric cars.

Inside, the E-Tense offers a level of luxury that’s hard to come by when it comes to electric vehicles. It’s elegant, spacious and very luxurious, which is more than you could ask for from a high-performance car.

It’s very refreshing to see that electric cars are being taken seriously. Whereas in the past they had a tendency to look toy-like, manufacturers and people are now realising that electricity-powered vehicles could be the future. With more manufactures opening up to the idea of electric cars, we are finally seeing some good-looking all-electric vehicles, which is fantastic.

The E-Tense concept will make an appearance in Geneva next month, however it’s unclear at the moment whether it will enter production.

Even if the vehicle doesn’t end up going into production, hopefully the brand will reuse parts of it on its future models.

We’re very excited about the E-Tense, are you? Let us know down below and be sure to have a browse through the rest of our blog for more fun and interesting articles about electric cars. If you have any ideas or suggestions, simply drop us a line as we love hearing from our readers.

Read more about DS E-Tense at: www.carmagazine.co.uk

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