Electric Cars: The Basics

Electric cars gained their popularity since the invention of themselves, but a commercially useable prototype was not introduced until the Prius came along and became the first commercially useable hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are those cars which use electricity as fuel when they are driving at a certain speed and then swap to gas when they exceed from that certain speed. However, there are still some basic points that are confusing to the general public, and this article will address some of those basic points.

Electric cars reduce oil usage:

Many countries are now designing new rules and laws specifically targeting the hybrid car market. However, still many people do not know that if they are even as effective as they are claimed to be. According to a poll, almost 34% Californians are still unaware that whether the use of a hybrid car is of any use or not. The real answer, is, yes, they do reduce oil usage but to a point. The usage of oil starts when you exceed a speed limit because if the car keeps accelerating at that speed on battery, it will consume not only battery but its life itself.

They can be charged from a regular home outlet:

Many countries are now collaborating with many other car manufacturers to introduce recharge centres for electric cars just like petrol pumps. However, the question remains that whether regular electrical outlets can be used to charge the cars. The answer is yes; they can be charged. However, their charging time increases significantly. A hybrid car can take up to a day or even more charge completely. Although there are 240-volt level 2 electricity charging outlets that are being installed in houses which can charge your car overnight. So the choice is yours.

Carbon emission is reduced:

Yes, the government are now implementing rules to eliminate heavy carbon emission cars, and implementation of electric cars and hybrid cars are one of the steps to reduce usage of oil dependent cars. China’s new policy to end development of any new carbon emission cars is a prime example of this case because it is a very effective measure that can reduce the carbon emission to rate to a significant rate.

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Electric Cars: The Basics
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