Morgan EV3 revealed at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Morgan EV3

Morgan is world-renowned for its eccentric retro-inspired vehicles. It’s arguably one of the most experimental and unique manufacturers in existence today and we’re extremely excited about its new vehicle. Showcased at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, which is currently in full swing, the Morgan EV3 is one of the coolest all-electric cars that we have seen in a long time.

By combining its unique aesthetic, electric power and new carbon composite body panels, the brand was able to create a car that’s truly special.

The EV3 is Morgan’s very first all-electric vehicle and to be quite honest it’s a fantastic attempt that’s guaranteed to make an impression.

Styling-wise you can definitely tell what inspired the vehicle. Morgan was able to convey its ideas with incredible precision, which is part of the reason why the EV3 looks so great. Not many manufacturers could pull it off, however in the hands of Morgan, the car turned out perfect.

Inside the dashboard, just like the exterior, sports a retro look, which works very well with the overall design.

A 20kW lithium battery powers the car with a liquid-cooled 46kW motor driving the rear of the vehicle.

The vehicle took the idea of building an all-electric vehicle and went all out to produce something that approaches the concept from a completely unique perspective.

Although the Morgan EV3 isn’t currently scheduled to enter production, the brand has revealed during the event that we can expect an EV model from them by 2019.

Morgan has proved that it’s possible to have fun with electric vehicles and by taking a refreshing approach it opened up doors for other manufacturers, who perhaps were unsure about electric vehicles until now.

The Morgan EV3 is just one of many incredible electric vehicles scheduled to appear at Geneva this year. Watch this space as we’ll be blogging all about the other cars over the next couple of days.

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