‘Production-ready’ NanoFlowcell Quantino to appear at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

NanoFlowcell quantino

Great news for electric car enthusiasts, the highly-anticipated NanoFlowcell Quantino is scheduled to appear at this year’s Geneva Motor Show next month in its final, “production-ready” form.

Although the brand has kept quiet about the vehicle, revealing very little so far, it has been working hard on bringing the concept, which debuted at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, to production.

The Quantino features a unique appearance that proves electric vehicles are no longer boring, which is something they have been battling ever since they first emerged on the market. Due to the fact that choices were extremely limited back in the day, many people were put off them. Today, with more electric cars being produced every year than ever before, new models keep popping up almost regularly.

NanoFlowcell is fairly new, having only been founded in 2013, however it is already making a name for itself in the industry. By focusing on electric vehicles, the brand is taking on a niche that is slowly taking off, with electric cars experiencing a great growth in popularity in the recent years.

The production ready Quantino will debut next month, after which it’s expected to enter production later this year. It is believed that the car will have a ‘small-batch’ run.

Extensive testing already took place late last year, which is why it’s believed that the Quantino is pretty much ready to go.

Not only is the Quantino aesthetically pleasing but it also experiments with flow-cell battery technology.

We can’t wait to see the car in all its glory at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and we’re even more excited about it entering production later this year.

Are you a fan of the Quantino? Would you consider buying one once it enters production? Let us know as we love hearing your thoughts.

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