Is Nikola Motors about to become Tesla of trucks?

Nikola Motors - nikola one

A new start up called Nikola Motors not only shares its name with Tesla but it is also planning to become the brand’s counterpart in the truck market.

The recent success of Tesla has clearly had an impact on the industry. Well-established carmakers are introducing electric variants of their popular cars and new brands are emerging, looking to take on Tesla in the battle for the best electric car.

Nikola Motors is slightly different however, as it isn’t interested in passenger cars. Instead, it’s choosing to tackle the truck market with its new Nikola one lorry.

What makes the car very unique, apart from its extremely appealing appearance, is the fact that it reportedly has a range of 1,200 miles and 2,000 horsepower. This is impressive considering the truck comes with an electric powertrain.

The vehicles itself looks very appealing, with the brand choosing to go with a unique and fresh design rather than trying to mimic standard lorries.

Somehow, the brand managed to make the One (great choice of name by the way) as sleek as it possibly could. Although it still looks like a lorry, there’s no doubt about that, the vehicle is an incredible example of how intriguing design can transform something so familiar into something completely new and exciting.

We can imagine lorry drivers behind the wheel of the One, looking cool whilst working and delivering goods to their destinations.

It’s like a sports car of the trucks world, stylish and sleek yet practical at the same time.

Combining the great performance with fantastic mile range and incredible appearance was definitely a great choice of Nikola’s part.

It is not clear at the moment when exactly the car will go on sale, however the brand is already working on another model so it could very well become the Tesla of trucks in the near future.

How do you feel about Nikola Motors and the One? Are you a fan of the lorry or do you think it’s a little too extravagant? Read more about Nikola One lory here. Tell us your thoughts and be sure to come back soon for more fun and informative articles from the world of electric cars.

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