Nissan Leaf Advert Banned For Misleading Claims!

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf

Nissan claimed that the Leaf could charge up to 80% of full capacity within 40-60 minutes. Although what wasn’t clear is this was dependent on many conditions.

The new advert for the Nissan Leaf electric car has been banned over misleading claims about the time it takes to charge the battery of the vehicle. On the Nissan website, they claimed the Leaf could charge up to 80 per cent of full capacity within an hour. With a small footnote explaining that this was dependent on specific conditions. The battery temperature, size, ambient temperature and the type of charger used.Nissan Leaf

The Japanese carmakers said the ad did not explicitly state the battery would be charged to 80% within an hour. Trying to clear things up and qualifying any claim by making it clear that timings were dependent on other factors. Which is understandable.

According to the Advertising Standards Authority, three people had complained that the advert was misleading. Moreover, Nissan in response to customers updated their website to state ‘Plug your New Leaf into a CHAdeMO rapid charger and get from 20% to 80% charge in around 60 minutes’

So, they added that the vehicle could be charged at these speeds once a day. Although, the charges wanted to be completed in quick succession may be longer due to the battery will be hotter after long periods of driving.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority said that it was likely consumers would understand Nissan’s wording. Meaning they could usually increase the battery charge by 80% or close to within an hour using a rapid charger. If you plan on selling a Nissan Leaf I would suggest taking a look at Trusted Car Buyers.

The last words from the ASA ‘Therefore, because the ad did not convey the degree of variability in the time that may be required to deliver a certain amount of charge. We concluded that the claims had not been substantiated and were likely to mislead.’

Nissan responded with ‘We were very disappointed with the ruling made by the ASA. Although of course, we will respect their decision. We constantly review and react to customer feedback to ensure that we are giving the very best possible service and information.’


Nissan Leaf

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