Renault Zoe e-sport at Geneva motor show 2017

Renault Zoe e-sport at Geneva motor show 2017

With the introduction of the Renault Zoe e-sport, the inclusion of advanced technology in car making has taken a huge leap forward. This is an electric sports car with actual racing technology. As unbelievable as it may sound, the surprise elements of the car do not just end here.

The car has two electric motors which bring it to a whopping 456bhp. For a jump from zero to 62mph, the vehicle is expected to take a time of merely 3.2 seconds. Moreover, the car can also skip to a speed of 130mph in under 10 seconds. If that is not impressive from the French makers, we don’t know what will be.

The strength of the structure has also not been compromised on. There is a steel chassis for protection Designed around the all new Renault Zoe e-sport. The total weight of the car is estimated to be 1400kg despite the weight the batteries alone being 450kg. It is an all-wheel drive with four modes to choose from. Special focus on safety was required to make this amazing innovation a feasible option for the drivers. For this purpose, there is dual wishbone suspension controlled by Ohlin’s dampers. In easier words, the car offers a better shock absorption.

Greater safety is also made possible by the makers with the use of larger brake discs. The aesthetic features are also as intriguing as the technical ones. The car comes in a satin blue shade and is unique in style. The wide 20 inch wheels make sure that the ride is comfortable among other things. The windows of the car have been kept extra tinted, something none of us would ever complain about. Last but not the least, there are open zones in place of door handles which mean you can open the doors of the car with a simple touch.

Renault Zoe e-sport at Geneva motor show 2017
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Renault Zoe e-sport at Geneva motor show 2017
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