Tesla Model 3

tesla model 3

Tesla is undeniably the most popular electric vehicle manufacturer on the planet. Having produced a great number of vehicles, it has introduced concept cars to thousands of people who previously didn’t think electric cars were for them. By constantly introducing innovative ideas, the brand has transformed the way we look at concept cars and it has only been around since 2003.

The brand isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and with a new model on the horizon, it is now more popular than ever before.

Then new Tesla Model 3 has been announced back in late 2014, however it is still currently being developed.

Although the car isn’t expected to go on sale until late 2017, we can expect to see the car as early as next month as it’s scheduled to appear at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Due to the fact the brand has already produced a great number of vehicles since its launch in 2003, it is now able to use existing technologies that it has developed throughout the years and further perfect them for the new model.

According to the brand, it will need to sell around 500,000 vehicles a year in order to remain profitable.

We can definitely expect the brand’s focus to shift towards the Model 3 in the near future, with Tesla claiming that it’s going to its best model yet.

Only time will tell how well the model will do once it goes on sale, however we’re finally going to get a glimpse of the vehicle next month. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the car in all its glory and we’re going to keep you updated on all the latest news from the world of electric cars.

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