Tesla rumoured to be developing more affordable EV than Model 3

The Model 3 hasn’t even entered production yet, however Tesla is believed to already be planning an even more affordable electric car.

There’s no denying that the success of the Model 3 took everyone by surprise. Since the vehicle was revealed last month, around 400,000 orders have already been placed, with each person paying a £1000 deposit.

It’s quite possible that the vehicle is one of the most successful electric cars of all time, and it hasn’t even been built.

Rumours began circulating last week suggesting that Tesla could be planning an even more affordable electric vehicle than the Model 3. It definitely has the required skills, however some are sceptical due to the fact that its resources are limited.

We can’t ignore the fact that Tesla is fairly new to the industry, having only been around since last decade. Although it was rather successful in that time, it still isn’t on the same level as some more established carmakers.

Is it capable of introducing another, more affordable, model? Possibly, however before it does that it needs to ensure that it can meet the demand for the Model 3.

Currently, it doesn’t have the resources required to produce that many vehicles, therefore it will be interesting to see how it tackles the issue.

Whether it expands its facilities with the profits it makes from the Model 3 or does something completely different remains to be seen.

It’s great to see the brand growing and evolving, whilst slowly working towards reaching its original goal of providing affordable electric vehicles that anyone after a new car could afford.

Everything that Tesla has done so far up to now has been a part of a much bigger plan, designed to allow it to reach its goal.

By starting out with an expensive model, the brand was able to raise enough funds to allow it to develop the vehicles that it offers today. It all led to the creation of the Model 3.

The future looks very bright for Tesla at the moment and if it stays on the right track it could establish itself as the world’s number one provider of electric vehicles.

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Do you think Tesla will be able to pull it all off? Are you excited for the Model 3 and the possible new model? Let us know your thoughts and come back soon for more articles about electric vehicles.

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