Toyota C-HR quick review


Toyota is a car manufacturing company that needs no introduction. They are a very well-known company. Toyota is bringing out a new car called C-HR. The production of the car started in 2016 in many countries and will start in many more in 2017 as well. There is also a hybrid version of the car.

The car comes with privacy glass which is dark glass that prevents passengers to be seen from the outside. The auto headlights and auto wipers are a good option too. These headlights turn on and off as well as adjust brightness according to the daylight. Auto wipers keep windshield clean according to the amount of rainfall. The car comes with 18-inch alloy black wheels. The exterior is beautiful and well designed.

The car comes with an 8-inch display which displays all handy data that a driver would need to know while driving. It is easy to access for the driver and in reach all the time. The steering wheel is of leather. Multimedia can be controlled from buttons on the steering wheel. The car comes with a lot of useful technology that is the advance. It allows ease of use for the driver and comfort for the passengers. Such features include dual-zone automatic air conditioning. The front seat passenger and the driver can adjust their air conditioning according to what they would prefer.

Like any good car, Toyota has made sure this one is safe for the users too. With the features provided, there is a strong car body as well as systematic features to prevent car crashes to the maximum. The seats are designed to minimize whiplash injury of the driver. ISOFIX seat fixing is another installed feature in the car. The reverse camera allows the driver to keep in view the rear side, so the car does not crash with any object or vehicle. The intelligent parking system also helps with this purpose. A road sign assist system, pedestrian prediction, and lane departure alerts come with the car. These features leave a minimum chance of any collision at all, providing maximum safety.

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Toyota C-HR quick review
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Toyota C-HR quick review
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