Toyota Setsuna: Wooden Concept

Toyota Setsuna

It has just been announced that Toyota’s latest concept, the Toyota Setsuna, will make an appearance at this year’s Milan Design week in April.

Toyota is no stranger to concept cars. Over the year it has produced a number of intriguing and fascinating concepts that raised the bar for other manufacturers.

The brand’s latest concept is perhaps the most unique and innovative. Toyota Setsuna is not only powered by an electric motor but it’s also made out of wood, and the strangeness doesn’t end here.

The Setsuna’s shape was inspired by boats, which is why at first glance it’s quite difficult to make out what the vehicle is supposed to be. It features a unique aesthetic that makes it stand out whilst at the same time making people want to take another look due to their curiosity.

Although the car’s body is made out of wood, no nails or screws have been used to construct the body work. The Japanese cedar and birch frame was entirely made using the traditional Japanese technique that doesn’t require anything like screws or nails.

Setsuna means “moment” in Japanese and is the key word here when it comes to the vehicle. The idea behind using the wood for the car’s body is a fascinating one. The brand believes that marks will appear on the vehicle overtime, allowing the Setsuna to tell its story.

With time the wood is expected to change slightly due to the weather conditions the car finds itself in as well as the elements.

It’s definitely unique, that’s for sure, but what can we expect from the car’s powertrain? Well, the Setsuna concept is all-electric, meaning we can probably expect it to be quite powerful yet environmentally-friendly. We’re expecting more details about the vehicle to emerge during the Milan Design Week, where the Setsuna is currently scheduled to make an appearance in April.

Being innovative is very important in this industry, which is why it’s so refreshing to see a vehicle like the Setsuna.

The car is not currently scheduled to go into production, however you never know. If it manages to surprise the critics and well as the public when it makes its debut, the brand could decide to create a production version.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing the unique car in Milan next month.

Let us know what you think! Are you’re a fan of the Setsuna? Would you consider purchasing one if Toyota made a production version?

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