Volkswagen aims to become electric car leader

There’s no denying the fact that, all eyes are currently on Volkswagen. Ever since, the “Dieselgate” scandal first emerged, the brand has been under constant scrutiny of the press. Today, Volkswagen has revealed its plans for the future – an all-electric future.

According to the brand, it is planning to launch a staggering 30 new all-electric models in the coming years, in hopes of becoming a leader in the all-electric market.

It’s a very huge step that Volkswagen is trying to take; however, it’s not clear at the moment, how long it is hoping it is going to take.

Although, electric cars are extremely popular at the moment, there are so many of them out there that, it’s quite difficult to break into the market.

The likes of Tesla, are currently market leaders in the sector, so if Volkswagen wants to beat them, or at least have to opportunity to rival them, it needs to come up with a solid strategy.

Merely releasing electric car after electric car, isn’t going to make people forget about the “Dieselgate” scandal. It will take time for the brand to regain its customers’ trust, and it needs to understand that.

There are no shortcuts it can take, and just by revealing it plans, it’s not suddenly going to re-write the past.

It’s great that the brand is attempting to take a more eco-friendly approach; however, if it’s truly committed to that, it will need to prove it to its customers as well as the industry.

Scandals have plagued the automotive industry for the last couple of months; however, none of them compare to the scale of the “Dieselgate” scandal. Millions of cars had to be recalled, due to a software used to cheat official emissions test.

It’s not something that you just forget, especially considering the scale of the scandal. It’s great to see Volkswagen trying to take a new approach; however, only time will tell how serious it is about it.

How do you feel about Volkswagen’s announcement? Are you happy about it, or are you not sold on the idea? Let us know your thoughts, and come back soon for more fun articles about electric cars.

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