Volkswagen To Recall 124,000 Electric & Hybrid Cars!


Volkswagen Recall!

VW has confirmed that they might have to recall all of up to 124,000 electric and hybrid cars that were manufactured in the last 6 years. This is because of a poisonous metal within the battery. Production of a number of electrified models from VW, Porsche & Audi has been put on hold. The high-toxic metal cadmium, which the National Cancer Institute says can increase the risk of lung cancer was found in charger components.

Officials at Volkswagen maintain that the metal is well securely contained and housed. Within the battery chargers and will not inflict any harm to owners. Although there are some concerns of increased exposure if the cars are scrapped or recycled. A German spokesperson told us that the issue is that a heavy metal called Cadmium which is dangerous and prohibited in auto parts. Which found in a charger supplied to the group for all-electric and plug-in hybrids by the VW group from 2013 up to July 2018. VW has confirmed that it was in discussions with the German Federal Transport Authority. Where they discussed over a potential recall.

Therefore this means that any electric and hybrid VW model built from 2013 up until July 2018 may have to be returned to dealers so the material can be removed and disposed of safely.

Affected models include the VW e-Golf, e-Up, Golf & Passat GTE and any other electric or plug-in hybrids across the VW groups range. Production of all these models has been halted immediately. Then will only restart once a replacement part is sourced. However, all the pressure is mounting on the VW car manufacturer to call back models which must be frustrating. Volkswagen says that the contaminated charger components are externally supplied. So, they are not designed or built in-house.


What’s Next & What is Cadmium?

It should be noted that. The dangerous material is installed in a solid housing within the charger. Which in turn is enclosed by an additional solid housing. Which therefore should cause no harm to any existing owners and their passengers. While discussions have been ongoing there has been no official recall has been to owners with affected models. This is not very good news for the VW group which is still recovering from the reputation of the cheating missions scandal. In plans to repair the reputation the brand plans to sell three million electric cars by 2025.

Cadmium according to the NCI is in all soils and rocks including coal and mineral fertilisers. Most are extracted during the production of metals. In the past cadmium has been used to manufacture metal coatings.

The general population are exposed to tiny levels of cadmium by breathing tobacco smoke or eating food which is contaminated. Which is a major source for non-smokers. As well as that the expanding nickel-cadmium battery recycling industry is also a potential source for increased exposure.


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